Our programs offer language curriculum using phonics, grammar, reading, writing and oral communication. In order to ensure that our students receive a holistic approach to learning, we design lessons using provincial education program and ensure that skillsets and competencies are built into each lesson plan. As we discover our students individual capacities, we adjust our lessons to create a uniquely tailored program that fits their learning profile and needs.



Our programs give students many opportunities to develop their oral communication skills in their targeted language. Students engage in a variety of developmentally appropriate games in order to learn new vocabulary, create and elaborate upon sentence structure in order to improve communication skills. Our educators support children’s communication skills through correcting errors and modeling appropriate ways to express their ideas.


Close reading is a method of textual analysis which focuses on the specific details of a passage in order to discern deeper meaning. Children are introduced to fiction, non-fiction & poetry genres and are given “thinking jobs” that will allow them to discern the main idea of a text. This method of textual analysis will carry students from kindergarten through 6th grade and beyond, as it instills habits of deep text interpretation, author’s craft moves & real-world connections.



Guided reading offers small group instruction & focuses on a reading accuracy & comprehension. Teachers introduce a reading comprehension skill, such as retelling key details, making text to self connections, characterizing, and depicting character feelings. Students are periodically assessed to monitor for improvements in reading accuracy. Children are introduced to phonics and grammar strategies, which strengthens writing skills.

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