Our programs focus on building opportunities for children to understand the conceptual ideas behind our mathematics curriculum through the use of manipulatives and explorative questioning. In order to do this, we build in daily number routines and number stories to challenge students as they solve challenging word problems. In addition, we offer a unique mental math curriculum that pushes students to think about numbers in fast, creative and unique ways.



Number Routines are purposefully structured activities that help children develop procedural fluency, as well as reasoning and problem-solving skills, through meaningful practice. Some number routine activities include counting around the room, quick images, dot images, counting jars and number strings. These activities build mathematical fluency and comfort within children and will carry them through their elementary and high school education.


Children are introduced to daily Number Story problems. Number stories are explorative learning blocks allowing children to solve a math problem in a way that makes sense to them. Number stories build real-world connections to what we do in math, teach children about “The Mathematician’s plan” & how great mathematician’s follow specific steps to solve single or multi-step word problems day to day.



Mental math consists of arithmetical calculations using your mind, without help from calculators or computers. This is a skill that is important for students to retain and develop in order to support them in their daily lives by allowing them to calculate large and small numbers in a quick and efficient way. Our Mental Math program is available as a complement to our Number Routines and Number Stories programs.

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