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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum, Your Success.

Our curriculum has been meticulously designed by certified teachers to align with provincial school requirements, ensuring that we provide a comprehensive and educationally sound learning experience for our students. Here's how our team of certified curriculum designers have built our curriculum to meet these standards:

In-Depth Knowledge of Provincial Standards

Our certified teachers have an deep understanding of the curriculum guidelines and standards set forth by provincial education ministries. They stay updated on any changes or updates to these standards, ensuring that our curriculum remains current and aligned.

Assessment and Evaluation

Our certified teachers design assessments and evaluation methods that mirror the assessment practices used in provincial schools. This ensures that students are assessed in ways that are consistent with the expectations of their grade level.

Identifying Key Learning Objectives

Certified teachers identify the specific learning objectives and outcomes mandated by the provincial curriculum. These objectives serve as the backbone of our curriculum, guiding what topics and skills should be covered at each grade level.

Adaptation for Individual Needs

While following provincial standards, our curriculum is also flexible enough to adapt to the individual needs of each student. Certified tutors can provide additional support for students who may require extra assistance or offer enrichment opportunities for those who are excelling.

Sequencing and Progression

Our teachers carefully sequence the curriculum to ensure that it progresses logically and builds upon prior knowledge. This means that students move from foundational concepts to more advanced ones in a structured manner, mirroring the progression in provincial schools.

Regular Updates

Our curriculum is not static. Certified teachers continually review and update it to reflect any changes in provincial standards, educational research, or best practices in teaching. This ensures that our students receive the most up-to-date and relevant education.

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