We believe in the ability to unlock every child's learning potential, through the support of a dedicated teacher. We stand by the belief that investing in teachers & educational design leads to a love of learning and student success across a lifetime. A dedication to continuous learning & development, along with a data-driven educational approach is the foundation required for a healthy & productive learning environment.



Our mission is to provide students with high quality educational support through in leadership and innovation in the world of education.

Our vision is to change the future of education by encouraging a love of learning through our work with students, families, teachers, schools and educational institutions. 



The founders are pictured above (from left to right), Bianca Cuffaro, Catherine Margonis, Joanna Colida, Vincent Bracaglia, Deborah Athanasopoulos at the centre's Grand Opening event in 2021.

In 2017, Catherine and Joanna, a mom & daughter duo, founded Académie de l'enfance (ADE) - Laval's first inclusive education preschool centre offering children with special needs an integrative learning experience, alongside neuro-typical peers. Since its inception, ADE preschool has built a strong reputation within the community and has been recognized for its various accomplishments in the field of education. Over the years, Bianca and Vincent joined the preschool's ownership group (also known as the ADE group), contributing their unique professional skills to the organization.

In April of 2020, Deborah, a Montreal-native teacher, working in NYC's top ranking elementary schools, returned home to Montreal during the COVID-19 pandemic and went for what would turn out to be a fateful walk! Joanna and Bianca, working and planning for ADE preschool (as the world experienced their first lock down), crossed paths with Deborah as she was taking a walk in front of the preschool! The women (who had previously gone to school together) reconnected after 10 years on that historic afternoon and discovered their shared passion and unique vision for education! 

The founders immediately got to work using their unique sets of skills and knowledge to create and launch LEAD Learning Centre. In June of 2021, after months of long-distance planning and concept development, Deborah moved back to Montreal to join her partners to launch LEAD Learning Centre (formerly ADE Academy). LEAD (formerly ADE Academy) develops and offers children innovative learning programs, such as tutoring, homework and exam support, special education, camp and language courses.

ADE has since evolved from a preschool, to an Educational Network offering preschool, elementary, tutoring, special education, teacher development & support, and consulting for daycares, schools and educational institutions.



The LEADERS behind our organization



Co-Founder & General Director

Joanna graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor's degree in Child Studies and specialization in Inclusive Education and Entrepreneurship. In 2017, Joanna launched and co-founded Laval’s first inclusive education preschool centre, integrating children with special needs. Joanna has over 10 years of experience in education and management. Joanna is obsessed with changing the world through innovation and education. Joanna’s role as the General Director of LEAD and the ADE Educational Network allows her to oversee the network’s operations and offer strategic leadership to further the organization’s mission and vision.



Co-Founder & Director of Education

Born & raised in Montreal and a proud McGill University graduate, Deborah Athanasopoulos spent 5 years teaching and coaching in New York City, in addition to earning her masters degree in Education from NYC’s Relay Graduate School of Education. It is her passion for teaching elementary education that lead her to realizing a life-long dream of opening a learning centre. As LEAD's Director of education, Deborah designs and creates curriculum & coaches our educators.



Co-Founder & Director of Early Education

Born & raised in Montreal, Bianca graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Specialization in Child Development and a Minor in Education. Bianca’s passion for and desire to improve the education sector led her to join the ADE group in 2018. Bianca has over 10 years of experience in the educational field, working with children of all ages and capabilities. As Director of Early Education, Bianca creates the preschool curriculum, designs educational workshops for educators and leads teacher trainings.



Co-Founder & Director of Administration

Born & raised in Montreal and a proud Concordia JMSB University graduate, Vincent Bracaglia spent over 12 years in the finance, fashion, travel, marketing, and real estate space. It is his passion for building successful businesses that lead him to launch a learning centre and education company. As LEAD’s Director of Administration, Vincent ensures the smooth operation of the financial and administrative aspects of all companies within the ADE Educational Network. 

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Co-Founder & Chair of the Board

Born & raised in Montreal Catherine Margonis has over 20 years of experience in real estate management and as an entrepreneur. Catherine's experience as a mother with a son with Autism led her to delve into the world of education with a mission to make a change. As LEAD’s co-founder and Chair of the Board, Catherine leads the Board of Directors within the ADE Educational Network.



LEAD (formerly ADE Academy) is a learning centre and education company that is a part of the ADE Educational Network, founded in 2017. LEAD develops and offers innovative learning programs designed by teachers and educators, specialized in education and curriculum design. Our programs are designed to meet and exceed ministerial standards for student's skills and competencies.

LEAD has established proud partnerships and works closely with the following organisations:

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