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You asked, we answered!

Our FAQ page is your go-to resource for answers to commonly asked questions about LEAD Learning Club. We've compiled a comprehensive list of inquiries, from memberships and services to scheduling and fees. 

  • What services do you offer at LEAD?
    LEAD Learning Club offers private and semi-private tutoring services for children aged 4 to 12 years. Our tutoring services include LEAD’s signature research-based French, Mathematics and English programs, or private homework and study support. During the summer months, LEAD also offers an educational summer club program in the format of a private small group summer camp for children ages 4 to 10 years old.
  • How do I sign up for LEAD’s tutoring services?
    In order to sign up for LEAD’s tutoring programs, parents must complete the following steps: Download the LEAD app: All bookings are completed through our mobile app, that you can download using the following link: Create an account: Once you have downloaded the app, you must create an account using your email address. After creating an account, you can purchase one of our membership packages to begin booking tutoring sessions. Complete your child’s learning profile: Provide our team with your child’s information by completing the registration form received in the chat upon creating an account. This information will allow our team to provide the highest level of instruction and tailor your child’s learning experience to their individual needs. Choose your membership type: Choose the type of membership you wish to purchase, based on your child’s learning needs. LEAD offers private and semi-private memberships which provide between 4 to 12 tutoring sessions a month. All membership options can be found under the "abonnements/memberships" tab of the app. All membership packages are monthly recurring packages. Meaning, it requires only a single purchase and your membership will auto renew, using the original payment method, after 30 days from the original purchase date. Book your sessions: After purchasing your membership, you can start booking your child’s tutoring sessions! You can book all tutoring sessions by clicking the "programmes/programs" tab of the app and choose your day, time, and tutor. Due to high program demand (especially during report card season!), we highly recommend booking all of your available sessions of the month in advance, upon purchase of your membership. Provide information and student progress: We strongly encourage parents to share any important information about your child to our team! This can include report cards, recent tests, clinical diagnoses, or any other pertinent information related to your child’s learning. As your child progresses throughout the school year, it is important to share any learning challenges they may be experiencing in school with our team using the chat. We always encourage parents to share any of their child’s academic accomplishments in the chat so we can celebrate those moments with them and shift our instructional focus to new skills as required!
  • How do LEAD memberships work?
    All tutoring services are offered on a membership basis, with recurring monthly payments to be processed on the client’s credit card that is provided to LEAD online upon purchasing a subscription. Students get access to the number of monthly sessions indicated in their memberships, which renew each month. Parents must book all of their monthly sessions choosing their subjects based on their child’s learning needs. Monthly membership sessions allotted must be used within the period indicated upon purchase or they will expire. Sessions are non-refundable and unused sessions are non-transferable and cannot be carried over to another month.
  • Can I use my membership for any LEAD program or subject?
    Yes! All memberships allow parents to book any tutoring subject - from homework and study support, to our signature LEAD English, French or Mathematics programs. Parents can purchase a membership and then book the subjects of their choice.
  • How can I get support with booking or scheduling a lesson?
    LEAD’s Learning Club Coordinators manage the daily operations and are here to support our current and future learning club members by offering an exceptional customer experience. Parents can reach out to our Learning Club Coordinators for support by phone or in-person during center operating hours. Outside of operating hours, parents are welcome to send a message using the chat, or calling the center to leave a voicemail. Our Learning Club Coordinators will reach out to support you upon the next business day during operating hours.
  • How can I reschedule a session?
    In order to reschedule a session, select the “my profile” section of the app, click on “my bookings” and proceed to cancel the session. You can then rebook at another time that works for you.
  • How late can I cancel a session?
    Clients can cancel a session 24 hours before the start time through the app. If a session is canceled after the 24-hour period or the student does not show up to a session without notice, the session will be forfeited. Forfeited sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable to other times.
  • Can I select the tutor of my choice?
    Yes! Our tutors are listed within the app by name so parents are able to select the tutor of their choice. However, to ensure service continuation, LEAD reserves the right to swap or change the tutor as required. LEAD reserves the right to provide a substitute or replacement in the case of a tutor absence. Sessions will not be canceled in the case of a tutor absence, unless a substitute tutor cannot be provided by LEAD. If LEAD cannot provide a substitute, parents will be advised and the session will be rescheduled. No refunds will be provided as a result of tutor cancellations. In order to ensure excellence in service quality, all of our tutors are rigorously trained by our team, follow our lesson plans, and teach the LEAD curriculum the same way.
  • How do I prepare for a homework help session?
    In order to ensure that homework is properly completed, we ask clients to send a message in the LEAD chat with information about which homework to complete. Parents are encouraged to send page numbers as well any photos that would help our tutors organize the homework help session. This ensures that tutors are aware of the homework help session priorities and that the correct work is completed during a session.
  • When will I begin to see progress in my child’s learning through LEAD’s programs?
    Regular attendance and participation in LEAD’s program is critical in seeing progress in children’s learning and skill development. We recommend that students attend lessons for a minimum of 1-2 lessons per week. Consistency and frequent practice is critical in developing skills in reading comprehension, writing, word and situational problems. Our data collection demonstrates that 95% of children who follow LEAD’s program consistently throughout the school year notice significant increases in their scores on report cards.
  • How was the LEAD program created and what does it include?
    Our signature LEAD language programs (English and French) include grammar review, reading comprehension and writing workshops. Our mathematics program (offered in English and French) focuses on math skill review at each level and word problem practice. The lessons target skills and content that has been proven to be challenging for children. LEAD’s programs are created by experienced teachers who reference all skills covered in each grade level within the Quebec Education Program.
  • What is your membership cancellation policy?
    All LEAD learning club services, sessions and monthly membership plans are non-refundable upon purchase. This includes tutoring sessions, workshops, camp and any services offered at the center. Any no-show sessions or sessions canceled less than 24 hours in advance are forfeited and cannot be rescheduled to a later date. Monthly membership plans must be canceled 7 days prior to your next billing cycle. Membership plans that are not canceled 7 days prior to the next billing cycle will not be refunded.
  • Are there any fees to pay if we need to cancel our membership?
    No! There are currently no fees associated with canceling a LEAD membership. However, membership plans must be canceled 7 days prior to your next billing cycle. Membership plans that are not canceled 7 days prior to the next billing cycle will not be refunded.
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