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Neuropsychological Assessments - ENGLISH

LEAD partners with Elevate Clinic to offer this service.

  • 1 hour
  • Contact for pricing
  • Centre d'apprentissage - LEAD - Learning Centre

Service Description

*IMPORTANT: Contact Elevate via their website to book your session: Neuropsychological Assessments Neuropsychological assessments are comprehensive evaluations conducted by a neuropsychologist and designed to provide a deeper understanding of how brain function influences thoughts and behaviours. Using standardized tests, these assessments evaluate cognitive and behavioural abilities, such as intelligence, attention and concentration, learning and memory, and language, perceptual and motor skills. Their primary objectives are often to provide a diagnosis, treatment plan, and tailored recommendations for learning and return-to-work practices. Children and Adolescents In children and adolescents, neuropsychological assessments focus on various aspects of learning and cognitive functioning. They can provide diagnoses of neurodevelopmental disorders, such as learning disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), and intellectual disability. They can also identify any other social, emotional, or behavioural challenges affecting a child/adolescent’s learning and development. The reasons for seeking a neuropsychological assessment vary and are often linked with academic, behavioural, and developmental concerns. Below are some diagnoses for which an assessment is recommended: - Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - Autism spectrum disorder - Communication disorders - Developmental coordination disorder - Developmental delays - Giftedness - Intellectual development disorder - Specific learning disorders, such as those associated with difficulties in arithmetic, reading, spelling, and writing An assessment may also be helpful to evaluate neuropsychological and socio-emotional functioning for the following: - Head traumas - Neurological disorders, such as epilepsy and Tourette syndrome Adult In adults, neuropsychological assessments focus on an individual’s intellectual, attention and memory abilities, their language, perceptual, and motor skills, as well as their academic, occupational and professional functioning. Through this comprehensive testing process, the neuropsychologist gains a holistic understanding of the client's cognitive profile. This insight helps assess how specific challenges impact their daily activities and performance in various settings such as home, school, and work.

Cancellation Policy

Contact Elevate Clinic to book your session:

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  • 609 Rue Principale, Laval, QC H7X 1C7, Canada


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