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Combat the Summer Slide with LEAD Learning Club Summer Tutoring! ☀️

As the school year winds down, many parents worry about the "summer slide"—the tendency for students to forget essential skills over the summer break.

Research shows that students can lose up to two months of reading and math skills during this time. This learning loss can set students back significantly, making it harder for them to catch up when the new school year begins.

That's where LEAD Learning Club comes in! Our summer tutoring programs are designed to keep your child's mind engaged and their skills sharp. With personalized tutoring sessions, our experienced educators focus on each student's unique needs, ensuring they continue to grow academically over the summer.

By enrolling in LEAD Learning Club's summer tutoring, your child will:

- Maintain and build upon their academic skills.

- Gain confidence for the upcoming school year.

- Enjoy a structured and stimulating learning environment.

Don't let the summer slide hold your child back. Sign up for LEAD Learning Club's summer tutoring program today and make this summer a season of growth and learning!

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