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LEAD collaborates with a law firm to host free public speaking & debate workshops for children!

Join us at LEAD for a free public speaking & debate workshops for children, led by lawyers from Devichy Avocats law firm! Funded by Make it Matter (an education-focused Non-Profit Organization), Devichy Avocats and LEAD Learning centre have teamed up to offer a free 2-day public speak and debate workshop for students aged 8 to 12 years!

  • Day 1: Students will be introduced to public speaking strategies through interactive games and presentations!

  • Day 2: Students will partake in the "Mock Trial", whereby they will be given a problem in the form of a trial and will use skills they learned to problem solve in a way that is organized and insights critical thinking and peer collaboration!

Download the LEAD app & reserve your child's spot in this free workshop today!

Thank you to our collaborating organizations contributing to this fun & educational skill building workshop for our community's children!

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