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LEAD is offering QC Ministry Exam Preparation Courses for 4th and 6th grade students!

LEAD Learning centre is offering Quebec Ministry Exam preparation courses for students in 4th and 6th grades! These private 1-on-1 courses are offered in English or French. Parents can buy individual sessions or packages of 4, 8 or 12 private sessions for this program.

  • READING COMPREHENSION SKILLS: Students will work on their reading comprehension skills through reading texts and learning how to decipher the main ideas. When answering questions, students will be introduced to helpful test-taking strategies preparing them for exam environments.

  • WRITING & GRAMMAR: Students will participate in writing and grammar workshops, which supports proper structure and organization of written responses. Students will learn new vocabulary and writing mechanisms that will strengthen the quality of their work.

  • MATH ARITHMETIC & PROBLEM SOLVING: Students will review critical concepts from the Quebec Mathematics Education Program. The program will expose students to multi-step word problems where they will apply mathematical concepts learned throughout the school year.

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