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NEW SERVICE ALERT! 🚨👩🏼‍🏫 Meet LEAD's Orthopedagogy Team

Introducing LEAD Learning Club's New Orthopedagogy Service

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to LEAD Learning Club's services—Orthopedagogy, designed specifically for children aged 5 to 12. Our Orthopedagogy program aims to provide comprehensive support for elementary-aged students facing learning challenges, behavioral issues, or special needs. At LEAD, we understand the importance of early intervention and tailored educational strategies to unlock every child's full potential.

Meet Our Expert Team: Ms. Laurence and Ms. Rima

Ms. Laurence - Orthopedagogist and Teacher

A valuable member of our team, Laurence holds a bachelor's degree in special education from UQAM. Choosing to specialize in remedial education, Laurence is committed to being on the front line in helping children succeed. With experience on her third orthopedagogical contract in schools and nearly two years of tutoring background at LEAD, Laurence is passionate about teaching and loves working with children. Her dedication to the success of each child is evident in her proactive approach and genuine enthusiasm. Parents, Laurence is excited about the opportunity to contribute to your children's academic accomplishments.

Ms. Rima - Orthopedagogist and Teacher

With over a decade of experience as an orthopedagogue in schools, Rima brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. She holds a master's degree in educational intervention from Université de Montréal, a master's degree in orthopedagogy from UQAM university, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in special education at the secondary level from UQO. Rima's expertise lies in rehabilitation and evaluation, with a focus on French and math. She strongly believes in the power of motivation and self-esteem in a student's success. Rima is dedicated to establishing meaningful connections with learners, fostering an environment where they can reach their full potential and achieve academic success. Parents, Rima looks forward to working collaboratively with you to support and facilitate your children's learning journey.

How Orthopedagogy Helps Students

Our Orthopedagogy service at LEAD Learning Club is designed to address the unique needs of elementary-aged students. By providing targeted intervention, personalized strategies, and a supportive learning environment, our orthopedagogues work closely with each child to:

1. Assess Individual Needs: Identify and understand the specific challenges and strengths of each student through comprehensive assessments.

2. Develop Tailored Interventions: Create personalized intervention plans that cater to the unique learning style and requirements of each child.

3. Foster Motivation and Self-Esteem: Emphasize the crucial role of motivation and self-esteem in academic success, creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

4. Establish Meaningful Connections: Build strong connections with learners to create a trusting and supportive relationship that enhances the learning experience.

At LEAD Learning Club, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive academically. Our Orthopedagogy service is here to make that possible. We look forward to partnering with you, dear parents, in supporting your children's educational journey. Together, let's pave the way for success!

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