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Secure Your Spot: LEAD Learning Club's Daytime Learning Camp during QC School Strikes! 🪧

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Dear parents,

Navigating school strikes can be challenging, and LEAD Learning Club is here to offer a solution with our Emergency Daytime Learning Camp!

Camp Details:

- Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 1pm (extended hours available upon request).

- Structured Learning: English, French, Mathematics, and Homework completion sessions.

- Breaks: Enjoy recess periods at the park and a designated lunch break (please pack your child's lunch).

- Educational Games: During breaks, children can engage in educational games to make learning even more enjoyable.

Camp Logistics:

- Reservation: Secure your child's spot by 6 pm the day before.

- Cost: $70 per day (eligible for child care expense claim through Revenue Quebec).

- Group Size: Limited to a small, focused environment with a maximum of 10 children.

Our camp aims to provide a productive and engaging learning experience in a supportive small-group setting. Act fast—spots are limited, and we want to ensure your child benefits from this unique opportunity.

To reserve your spot book on our app or website!

Thank you for considering LEAD Learning Club as your partner in educational support during these challenging times.

LEAD Learning Club Team

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