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Unlocking a World of Words: 5 Tips to Build Your Child's Vocabulary with LEAD Learning Club

Hey there, word explorers! 📚 At LEAD Learning Club, we know that building a strong vocabulary is like opening the doors to a world of knowledge and imagination. Here are five tips to help you enrich your child's vocabulary:

1. Read, Read, Read: Reading is the ultimate vocabulary booster! Dive into books together, from picture books to chapter books. Discuss unfamiliar words, their meanings, and how they fit into the story. Reading together not only builds vocabulary but also strengthens the bond between you and your child.

2. Word of the Day: Pick a new word each day and make it a family challenge to use it in conversation. Write it on a whiteboard or sticky note where everyone can see it. Encourage your child to find creative ways to include the word in sentences.

3. Context Clues: Teach your child to use context clues when encountering unfamiliar words in a text. Encourage them to look at the words and sentences around the new word to guess its meaning. It's like being a word detective!

4. Word Games and Puzzles: Make learning fun with word games and puzzles. Play Scrabble, do crossword puzzles, or use word search books. These activities engage your child's brain and introduce them to new words in an enjoyable way.

5. Keep a Vocabulary Journal: Create a special vocabulary journal where your child can jot down new words they come across. They can note the word, its meaning, and even use it in a sentence. Review the journal together regularly to reinforce learning.

Remember, building vocabulary is an ongoing adventure, and it's all about curiosity and exploration. At LEAD Learning Club, we're here to support your child's language development journey. So, go ahead, embark on this word-filled journey together, and watch your child's vocabulary grow! 🌟📖

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Is it best I call?


My daughter is 11 years old. Not sure who would be the best match for her. For a French tutor

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